Saturday, November 27, 2010

Counterfeit Emotional Language

Counterfeit Emotional Language is the expression of emotion without descriptions. One probably never realize how much ineffective emotional communication occurs throughout the day. Effective communication seems to take conscious efforts that is sometimes too much to tolerate at some given moments. Have you ever been in a situation where you were pressed for time, which meant that there was no time to explain yourself or feelings to another individual? Sometimes abrupt questions such as "Why can't you leave me alone?" is the quickest way to get your point across. No I am not saying that counterfeit emotional language is right, but in certain circumstances, it gets your point across. 

There have been many situations that have occurred where I can identify with this type of communication. On daily basis, i try to keep a general schedule as a wife, mother, student, choir director and friend. It is sometimes impossible to stay on task with the different demands that I choose to deal with. All of the "duties" of my "titles" always overlap each other. My husband would want to tell me how his day went at work and want my full attention while I cook dinner try to complete homework assignments and tend to my 6 month old baby. He would then ask me how my day went and I would give the quickest answer which is "Like every other day". That definitely does not describe how my day went, but there an emotion behind that statement that could imply frustration, annoyance, or tiredness. 

I chose the image to the left because it portrays  feelings of not having time to do anything else but get the job at hand done.


  1. Listening to people is a hard job, I can totally understand what you mean when you have so many things on hand and you are not able attend to them all. While interacting with people as mean as this sounds some times I zone out because the information that is being delievered to me is to much for me to handle at the moment and I will simple return simple answers without to much to say back.

  2. I use to pretend to listen to people while they talked by giving little feedback such as nodding my head and returning simple answers as well Martha. In the long run, I found that I was hurting myself because sometimes when people referred back to that conversation, I didn't remember a thing that they said. I definitely have to listen, or find a easy and nice way to let the know that I can't talk at that moment

  3. It is definatly hard to be in a conversation with a person when you are not paying attention to what they are truly saying. I would have to say that I'm oh so guilty for sometimes listening to the bits and pieces that I hear in conversation, but that is definatly wrong of me and I go back to my friends and check in on them to make sure that things improved depending on the situation. Can you relate to this Sheterah? Have you been to tired in day and you just listen to the bits in the concversation and just go back and check that things are good with them another day that you had time to rest?